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We offer accomodation for windsurfers, kiters, surfers, divers and so on, but we can provide accomodation for a family with kids. Time of your stay is unlimited – we can provide apartments from 1 week to several months – just fill out contact form and leave everything on our shoulders!

Shared apartment – Sunrise Residence 140€/week/room for 2pax

max 5 people. App is 100m from angulo bar and the beach – and the spot!

Sunrise residence 280e/week

max 5 people! 100m from beach, cheap but reasonable and most popular accomodation.

Apartman Leme Bedje 450e/week

up to 3 people, 50m behind our station and 50m to reach ws-kite spot Ocean wiev, view to a our station, Angulos and Pezi Hubers. The most affordable accomodation, that we offer.

Vila de Mar 1500e/week

Luxury accomodation for a bigger family or group, sea view and 25m from beach! 3 bedrooms, 2 batchrooms, 1 kitchen and 1 living room.

Santa Maria Beach single 40e/day, double 60e/day

This hotel offer a family atmosphere and it is located 200 meters from our center. There you can find rooms and apartments that can accommodate 2-4 people. If this is yourchoice contact us by filling out our form and making your reservation.