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On the island – Internet, Prices, food, nightlife, practical tips etc.

  • How about internet connection on Sal? There are many possibilities. First is tu buy a simcard for your smartphone with internet connection and you will get 2GB for 9euro of quite fast internet. Second option is to buy pendrive with simcard (in the case you have a laptop) then you get 3GB for a 9euro. Third option is to get a Voucher from CaboCom company – They have a wifi routers all over Santa Maria. It works well but just in the town. Prices of it are 10GB for 20euro.
  • Should i take US Dollars, Euros or credit card is enough? – Bring some cash in Euro and credit card too (we recomend VISA better then MC) There national currency is Escudos– The exchange rate to Euro is 110:1. You can pay everywhere by euro too, but nearly everywhere it will be counted 100:1. But still you can find some shops, where they give you correct exchange rate. Mainly chinese shops, Cazu. An so on.
  • Credit Cards – Visa works better than Mastercard. And it is strong recomended to taky your cash before weekend, because during those thirsty nights the ATMs could be withdrawned.
  • How about the prices in shops / restaurants?
  • These words are valid in Santa Maria. Espargos is much cheaper as it is inhabited only by locals. In a nuttshell there is very important to eat local, and in local pubs. Otherwise you will find yourself in a tourist restaurants and you will pay as everywhere in tourist areas. We recomend to buy fish on the pier: (Tuna 5-8euro/kg, Serra (wahoo) 6euro/kg, Cavalla 3-4euro/kg, Garopa 4euro/kilo – locals pays less but that is the life).
    In the shop you will find everything what you want like with a various prices, usually fruit and vegetables are pricey because it has to be imported: Tomatoes (3e/kg), oranges (3e/kg), bannanas (1,5e/kg)
    Egg 0,2e/piece. Cheese 10e/kg, baguete 0,4e/pcs
    Water 2euro/5l bottle
  • In the restaurants you have to know where to go: There are pratos del diaduring a day (fish of the day, tuna stekas, Catchupa) prices from 2,5euro to 5euro. We will show you the best ones for sure ๐Ÿ™‚
  • In the evenings there are various restaurants where you can go. In the turist areas, you can have tuna steak with chips from 8euro but if you are looking for something cheap we recomend “Bar Di Nos” The grilled fish or chicken for 3.5e with rice, salad and chips is something, what most of our clients love and they do not want to eat anywhere else ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Bars, discos – You can start the evening journey in a pub called Calema – there is a happy hour from 6-10pm (Caipirinha 1,5e, glass 0,3lbeer 70cents), Then there are numerous bars like: Ocean Cafe, Blu bar, Buddy bar – where the prices are more expensive (caipirinha 3euro, Cuba Libre 5-6euro, Beer 0,5l 3-4euro). Night ends up in Pirata – huge discoteque. For those who like this kind of entertainment ๐Ÿ™‚
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